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We wanted bags that fit all outfits. Exclusive, high quality and functional.

- So we made them. 


From our point of view, the fashion world is becoming increasingly confusing.

We would like to see more unique products, especially in terms of high quality, aesthetics and made with sustainability in mind. Will Femin produces leather bags with the goal of being by our customers' sides for a lifetime. That's why we stick with a simple, timeless and minimalist design. In this way, the products are not only sustainable, but also go with every outfit.



When you see the name, you may think that Will Femin stands for female empowerment. Well, you're half right. The name is not only putting women in the spotlight or wants be related to feminism. „Will“ from „William“ and „Femin“ from „feminine“ combines both genders. That’s why we are not going to exclude men, and are already working on a men’s collection for next year.




In our contemporary, environmentally conscious age of fashion, why do we use leather instead of alternative materials? The question is absolutely justified and we want to answer it openly and transparently: for us, leather is unmatched as a luxurious material with a special feeling of appreciation for nature - hence, we pay close attention to the sustainable origin. When cared for, leather is a very durable material, improving with age - the way our leather is processed guarantees you longevity for continued daily use.



Leather is a beautiful material, it should last by your side for a lifetime. Like most things, occasionally you need to show your leather some love. We recommend using leather impregnation products and leather cream to ensure your bag stays soft & young.